Haven’t seen the tutorial yet? Go there first! The rules section just gives you additional information in case you want to learn more about the details of our gameplay.


Quests are the core of MetaGrounds! In their essence, they are basically interactive quizzes on your favourite games. All you really have to do is follow the challenges presented to you next to the live stream and make your best predictions.

Even though one quest can feel very different to another, they all follow a few basic rules:

  • Quests are composed of a number of challenges
  • For each challenge, the user can earn points by answering the challenge correctly
  • All Quests have a maximum score of 100 Points


Challenges are questions that require a specific input from you. You can either select from a drop down or you have to write a numerical answer. For numerical questions you can earn partial credits so never hesitate to make an educated guess! Some challenges have a sub-challenge. This is a second question related to the first one. You can only earn points on sub-challenges if you answered the main challenge correctly.

Scorecards & Reporting

Based on your performance during the Quest, you will earn a Quest score. At the end of the Quest, everyone will get to see how they did in comparison to everyone else. Shortly after the quest is over, your view will switch to a result display. As the quests are live games managed by an actual Quest Host who starts timers and puts in the final answers, mistakes can sometimes happen. Therefore, every participant has 2:00 minute after the end of the game to confirm his scorecard or report an error during the quest or the result. An unchecked scorecard at the end of the 2:00 minute mark will be considered confirmed. Because our hosts put a ton of effort into creating fun quests for you, we must be strict about penalizing people who abuse the report function.


When it comes down to it, Leagues are simply a grouping of quests. Some Leagues can cover a few quests over a weekend tournament whereas others can stretch over months. All Quests are part of one specific League and points earned in a Quest always go straight to the total League Score. You can find all current Leagues in the Leagues page. This is also where you can check your current score, compare yourself to the rest of the field For more information on League’s scoring, keep reading!

League Scoring

Every League has its own scoring rules created by the Quest Host. The scoring rules are based on three Scoring Criteria. The Scoring Criteria are “Quests Played”, “Top Quest Scores” and “Scoring Average”. Each of the Scoring Criteria has a custom weight which defines the specific scoring rules of the League. If a Criteria has a Weight of 0, the criteria is not displayed in the score calculation of the League.


All ties occurring in a Quest of League will be determined at the sole discretion of the host (streamer). MetaGrounds does not take any responsability for rewarding winners or solving ties.