If you can't find an answer to your questions here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at hello@metagrounds.com.

MetaGrounds? Tell me more!

Our goal is to get you involved in your favourite games and turn a passive viewing experience into an interactive contest. Metagrounds is the ultimate interactive test of knowledge.

How do I learn how to play?

“Events, Quests, Challenges and timers?! Sounds complicated!”
Actually, it really isn’t! We have tried our hardest to make our games as intuitive as possible. We still advise you to check out our tutorial before jumping into the action where we cover all the essentials!

Is MetaGrounds completely for free?

Yes! You will not even find an option to send us money on this site. If you think our quests are fun, we would love to hear your feedback though. Every crazy idea you have on how to improve our quests or leagues is highly appreciated.

I want to play but I cannot find my favourite game!

Unfortunately, we can’t host quests for every game… Yet! As of now, we have selected the most popular games on twitch.tv but we are hoping to keep expanding the list of covered games. Let us know what games you would like to see and will try our best to get it up and running in the future!

I am hosting a twitch channel and have an exciting idea for a new quest!

Awesome! We are more than happy to your ideas. Send us an email and we can work together on a thrilling quest for your viewers.

Who is eligible to play?

Anyone over the age of 13 can participate in all of our quests. If you climb to the top of a Leagues ranking and the streamer awards you a prize, the “Void where Prohibited” rule applies. Meaning you still need to follow the law in your country of residence. MetaGrounds does take any responsabilities for any prizes promised or/and awarded by our competition hosts. For more details please refer to our terms of agreement.

Can I play on more than one account?

No. Creating more than one account is a violation of our terms of agreement and considered cheating on Metagrounds. To delete your account or change your account details, please send an email to hello@metagrounds.com