About Us

All of us at MetaGrounds truly enjoy watching quality gaming streams, but we always felt something was missing from the experience. Even though there are plenty of awesome streamers to choose from, we believe that it is always possible to take the viewing experience to the next level.

That’s why we envisioned MetaGrounds - that turns streams into game-specific live competitions where viewers can prove their knowledge against viewers and friends alike.

To learn more about MetaGrounds and our Quests, check out the Tutorial.

Who are we?

Well.. three Swedes and a dude from Luxembourg who are just having fun building something in return for everything the community has given us. We would love to talk about our project, plans or just get to know to more like minded people so please don`t hesitate to hit us up:

Email: Hello@metagrounds.com

Facebook: MetaGrounds on facebook

Twitter: MetaGrounds on Twitter